He's finally gone from your life—that ex-boyfriend, husband or partner who knew nothing about your needs. It's time to focus on you and the brand new life that's waiting for you just around the relationship corner. If you follow the advice of the pros who've been there ahead of you, and focus on being kind to yourself and ruthless in pursuing the goals that make you happiest, you'll soon find yourself healed, happy and ready to trust again. All it takes is a little patience, some good friends, and a few fun times.

1.  Burn Old Bridges

Few things are quite so cleansing as a warm bonfire on a chilly night. If you've had more than your fair share of chilly nights since partnering with your current ex, it's time to benefit. Find a nice, safe place to plop your burning barrel and then toss in the mementos you wish you'd never seen—his old t-shirt he left behind the last time the ex-wife called unexpectedly, those jogging pants he kept at your place for that early morning run—according to the relationship experts at SheKnows.com, getting rid of relationship reminders can be a healing and therapeutic experience when paired with other self-care practices:

  • Focus on taking care of yourself—this means pampering.
  • Start a journal to self-healing.
  • Accept your feelings for what they are, and don't berate yourself for feeling sad or lonely.
  • Start each day with a plan.
  • Focus on new, positive endeavors such as volunteering or improving your physical fitness.

Every small step you take in the right direction is progress toward feeling better, so why not call the girls over for a little bonfire party and purge to get the healing started?

2.  Sell Some Gold

Do you still have the gold chains, rings or earrings he gave you? Maybe gifts like these were few and far between with your ex, but consider taking what reminders you have of worse times and trading them for cold, hard cash. You can sell gold jewelry even if it's tarnished or broken to cash for gold dealers throughout your city. Dealers who trade in used gold accept many items that you might have considered worthless:

  • Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings
  • Watches
  • Earrings
  • Diamonds
  • Gold Dental Fillings
  • Silver and Genuine Silver Flatware

So even if you almost made it to the altar, you can still benefit from those gifts of silverware that your future ex-mother-in-law sent you.

3.  Have a Game and Movie Purge

If you had more than your fair share of staying in and watching movies on the cheap while dating your ex, now is the time to scrap those old memories. Find a local shop that accepts trade-ins of video games, movies and more, and you just might clean up on the discs he left behind. Many retailers that sell these items now accept trade-ins on used ones for cash or store credit. So trade that stack of Xbox games in for a new boxed set of your favorite chick flicks and have the girls over for movie and margarita night.

Purging your life of the uncomfortable memories left behind by a relationship that didn't work out takes time and patience. Don't make the mistake of being too hard on yourself too early in the game. It may have been only time spent with another person, but it's still a loss that you've suffered—you still need time to grieve. Be good to yourself, fight against those negative thoughts that call you silly or childish for wishing him back into your life, and focus on fun and positive activities, like those listed above, to get you over the hump.