Money may rule the world, but if you can rule your money, oh what a world that would be for you. That power is within your reach, though you may not feel that way right now. You can be more mindful when it comes to money, changing your whole world in the process. Here's how to begin:

Start With A Creative Budget

You might think simply adding expenses and comparing the total to your income gives you a budget, but in reality, a budget should factor in your long-term future. When you take that into account, you tend to be more frugal and your budget encompasses more than just rent, utilities and meals. For example, have you figured out how long you're going to need to work in order to retire comfortably? Do you even know how much money you need to contribute to savings on a regular basis?

Let your budget reflect the short-term needs you have, but keep in mind that the money habits you adhere to today will forge the quality of life you need tomorrow.

Consider Adding To Your Income

Bills, investments and retirement considerations are overwhelming, and unfortunately, many people simply aren't doing more than surviving one week to the next. Adding an extra stream of income, even a modest one, can put you in the driver's seat financially. Even bar tending a few nights a week or cleaning a couple offices on Saturdays could net you the extra money you need to finally feel at ease with your finances.

Let Someone Else Critique Your Spending

While allowing another set of eyes to scan your personal budget details may make you feel uncomfortable, it could also do you a world of good. People tend to be secretive with personal spending habits for a reason: They feel there's a need to hide something!

Are you fiscally responsible? Are you spending an outrageous amount of money on cosmetics or lottery tickets? Find someone you trust who really cares about your well-being and ask them to review your money matters. The honest opinion may be just the (gentle) kick in the pants you need to set yourself on a productive and peaceful financial path.

Unburden Yourself With A Personal Loan

When bills pile up and you can't pay them, you suffer in more ways than one. Not only do you walk a slippery slope with your present and future financial footing, but you also likely endure physical and mental duress, too. Once you've formulated a practical budget, analyzed your spending and considered ways to increase your income, consider applying for a personal loan to finally situate your monetary life.

An infusion of cash might be a way to consolidate debt, thereby giving you a much lower interest rate, or it could be a means of catching up on all the bills weighing on your mind. Either way, if you search for the best terms on the loan and handle it wisely, a loan could, in theory, stabilize you financially. In practice, though, you're going to have to change the way in which you handle money so your plan succeeds.

Adopt A Financial Mantra

Have you ever looked back after making one major purchase or way too many minor ones and said to yourself, "What was I thinking?" Financial regrets are too frequent, and they add up to debt and personal destruction if you don't find a way to reign yourself in.

Look at how you tend to be with legal tender and adopt a phrase. It should reflect lessons you've learned and the goals you want to set, in effect guiding you to make smarter decisions.

Breathe Deep and Think Deeper Before Buying Anything

The thought of money tends to make people anxious, because they usually feel powerless about it. Unfortunately, that state of anxiety can actually lead you to continue with poor habits, because shopping is such an emotional "fix." Before spending anything over a certain amount, such as five dollars if you're on a tight budget or one if you're in really bad shape, stop and think.

Rather than dropping 10 bucks at the dollar store every week for items that will likely break or never be used (adding up to over 500 a year) or splurging for 50 dollar jeans every other week (totaling 1,300 annually!), taking a few deep breathes will activate your mental powers, calming your mind and clearing the path to an intelligent financial decision. Deep breathing has the power to change how your genes react, thus transforming you from an out-of-control shopaholic to a sensible, money-saving superstar.

When you learn how to rule your money instead of letting it rule you, you will have more of it. Be more mindful, disciplined and intentional with your breathing. You'll discover your own financial power and it can, indeed, change your world forever.