If you've been charged for a crime for the first time or your crime is a misdemeanor, then you may find yourself facing a small bail amount. Even if these bail amounts are small, they can be hard to pay, especially straight out of pocket. Instead of emptying your bank account, many bail bond businesses offer collateral deals to help raise money. There are a number of items in your own home that can be used as collateral for your bail. By using one or more of the following five items, you can get a bail bond, post bail, and get released from jail.

Video Game Systems

Modern video game systems are a great way to get some extra value and cash that can go towards a bail bond. Depending on the bail bond company, there are two different ways to use your video game system and other items. The first way works like a pawn company. They will keep your video game system for a specific value and apply that value to your bond cost. The second way is too put the system up for collateral but still keep it. As long as you keep showing up for court, you can keep the game system and then pay the fees for your bail through payment systems. If you fail to show up to court and the bail is revoked, then the company will take your gaming system.

Extra value can be added to the gaming system if you decide to include controllers, accessories, or add-on items like an external hard drive. The newer the system, the better chances you have of getting a higher value.


Pieces of jewelry are great ways to add quick value to a collateral payment. Along with rings and necklaces, you can consider other pieces of jewelry like watches, bracelet, and solid gold earrings. Anything that you can find will help cover the collateral. Calling family and friends while in jail can also help you get items for collateral. They can collect jewelry together and provide enough to cover your full bail bond. When the jewelry is brought it, it will be weighed and appraised to ensure that it includes real materials like gold and silver.

Musical Instruments

The instrument that you played and saved in high school can be a valuable resource for your bail. Whether it's handcrafted or made with premium materials, there are a number of valuable instruments that you can put up for collateral. For example, there are a number of classical violins that have good value and cover most, if not all, of your bail bond. Along with violins, look for other instruments like guitars, flutes, trumpets, and saxophones. Popular companies and good quality are all factors that can help increase the value for your bail. Providing proof of the value can also help with the value that is applied. For example, you can show a purchase receipt or use a service like a musical instrument blue book online.


Another great valuable in your home are any firearms that you own. Guns can often hold a high value, especially if they are antique guns or collectibles in mint condition. Even active firearms that you own can be worth hundreds of dollars. Packaging multiple firearms together for collateral is a great way to help collect bail and build up a large value. When someone is preparing the guns, you should have the guns ready along with any papers that go along with them. The guns need to be legally owned and have the documents to prove it or many businesses will not accept them as collateral.

When contacting a bail bonds company like All-Mobile Bail Bonds, it's important to bring up the possibility of collateral. There are different policies depending on each individual business.